Thursday, November 12, 2009

WooHoo, We Have PA!!

Hey sweet girls your Mama and your Babba are so very excited- we have received PA! This means that China has given us pre-approval to be your new parents- we still have a ways to go before we can bring you home and make it all official but we just want you to know today is a step in the right direction!!

We are so grateful to God! Back in June we did not know if it was going to work out. We had many people praying for us and praise the Lord here we are on November 12th jumping up and down with excitement!!

You two are coming home this spring! I had to congratulate Sarah and Anna- once again they were going to be a big sister and a little sister! I told Sarah there will now be two more kids to hold the big jump rope! No more waiting for Mama as she says just one more minute honey, just one more minute! The girls are thrilled and we toasted to Emma and Ellie with our sodas!

Thank you Jesus!